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Psoriasis is a disease that manifests on the skin and is immune system mediated. The condition is characterized by flaky skin and swelling of the skin cells. The traditional psoriasis management may include topical ointments and medication containing steroids; however, alternative treatment options are more and more popular.

Plants and Herbs

Psoriasis will manifest mostly on the skin, and there are a few herbal remedies that can be used to reduce the symptoms of psoriasis. These herbal remedies may include:

Aloe vera, which can soothe the skin and reduce flakiness

Oatmeal rinses, which should be used after each bath and will reduce skin inflammation

Cat’s claw, which is a plant that can be used as tea. Compresses soaked with cat’s claw tea may also diminish the appearance of flaky skin.

Pau D’Arco, an ingredient found in a tree in Brazil. This ingredient can reduce swelling and detoxify the body.

Sarsaparilla, especially the root, which can be found as a tincture and may be added to food. Sarsaparilla teas are also recommended. The plant will remove toxins from the body and offer immune system support, reducing the symptoms of psoriasis.

Fish Oil and Vitamins

Fish oil is beneficial for the skin and will prevent excessive flakiness, which is a sign of psoriasis. Fish oil is also an immune system booster. Vitamins such as E and D are recommended for a healthy skin. In patients with psoriasis, shampoos containing these vitamins are recommended, along with supplements. The vitamin dosage should be established by the dermatologist.


Salt can be a natural soothing agent and may be used in patients with psoriasis. All types of salt may be used in the bathwater, but there are also salts from the Dead Sea, which are considered particularly effective for psoriasis symptoms. The salt contains potassium, magnesium and calcium, which are helpful for the skin.

Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathy can be employed in many chronic medical conditions, and psoriasis may also be managed with a few homeopathic dilutions. Each psoriasis patient may receive a different type of treatment, depending on the patient’s condition. The dilutions prescribed will typically include solutions that will influence the immune system, as psoriasis is an immune system mediated condition.

Common preparations for patients with psoriasis may be:

Calcarea flour

Kali sulph

Homeopathic remedies should be administered for at least 4 weeks for the effects to be noticeable. The patient may not always respond to the dilutions, so these should be changed. An experienced homeopath will be able to determine the right dilution for each psoriasis patient in part.

Stress Control

A lot of psoriasis patients require

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