Just because

Several years ago I was in the hospital for over a month. While I wasIn the hospital my job was covered by coworkers. I received flowers, cardsAnd visits from coworkers. I received a warm welcome when I returned andHelp from coworkers until I was re-acclimated. I decided I had to show myAppreciation. One day during lunch I visited my favorite florist. She had aBeautiful flower arrangement in the cooler. I bought it and had itDelivered to a coworker who had been extra caring. I signed the card “JustBecause.” No name. I swore the florist to secrecy. After lunch the arrangement was delivered and you should have seen theGlow on my coworker’s face. What a buzz went on that afternoon. Everyone was speculating about a secret admirer and I went along withThe excitement. Other coworkers had been very gracious also, so the nextDay during lunch I picked another floral arrangement and had it delivered– “Just Because.” The third day another “Just Because” was delivered. What a stir wasCreated. Calls were made to the florist inquiring who this mysteriousAdmirer was. She revealed nothing. What a sweetheart she was. What a wonderful atmosphere in the office. The whole department wasTeaming to solve the mystery. Warmth and love filled the air. The personReceiving the flowers was the special person for that day with all theAttention and admiration. With the warmth, love and excitement in theDepartment, I couldn’t stop now. The guys were saying “Men don’t like flowers — glad I didn’t get any.” The next day, one of the guys received a “Just Because” arrangement.You should have seen the buttons almost burst from his shirt. He was soProud to be part of the happening, and loved his flowers. The florist was now catching the excitement. Each day she waited forMe to pick that special arrangement for the next “Just Because” delivery.The delivery girl was waiting to make her next delivery. After lunch myCoworkers were waiting for the phone call to see who would get a “JustBecause” arrangement. Each arrangement was hand selected. I would see anArrangement and it would speak someone’s name. What coincidences, oneperson’s “Just Because” arrangement matched the colors in her kitchen, oneWas made with a coworker’s favorite flower, and another was arranged in aBlack truck which said “TOY” and matched the coworker’s own Toyota truckWhich was his toy. None of this was done with prior knowledge, it just happened. WasThere divine intervention, or what? Meanwhile the gaiety, wonder, love and warmth is spreading to otherDepartments. The joy in my heart was overflowing. People were happy,Loved, working to their capacity and enjoying the whole “Just Because”Happening. The whole event went on for over three weeks. The final “Just Because” arrangements would be delivered after aDepartment staff meeting. I wrote and distributed a special thank you toThe whole department and revealed the identity of the secret “Just Because”Admirer. The excitement, love and warmth continued in our department for quiteSome time. The fulfillment I received will never be equaled. The glow onThe faces of the special “Just Because” person each day will never beForgotten. You don’t have to be that extravagant to see and feel this kind ofFulfillment. With a simple smile, a good morning, a good job done, a hug,Or even just a thank you, you can accomplish the same feeling in others.They are special for the moment… JUST BECAUSE. — Cinda Weiss

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