When I was a teenager, I used to take long walks in the woods behind our home. I found it a great way to clear my head, a good way to calm my spirit, and a wonderful way to connect to something greater than myself. I cherished the peace it gave me.As I was walking back to our house one day, I heard something that gave me even more peace than my stroll through the forest. A window of our home was open, and I could hear music playing from our old record player. Carried along on that stream of music was something I hardly ever heard: the lovely sound of my Mother singing.My Mom rarely sang unless she was alone. I guess she was shy about having others hear her. She would quietly join in on the hymns at church, but I could never make out her voice among all the others. This time, though, I heard her, singing sweetly and softly. I didn’t want her to stop, so I Snuck softy up to the side of the house and sat under the open window. It was so beautiful. Her loving spirit seemed to flow through every word. I felt like I was a baby boy again, listening to her lullabies and feeling safe, warm and loved. I sat there for a long while with a smiling face and a happy heart.As I think back on that day, I am reminded of the story of a boy who was weeping inconsolably because his pet canary, who had sang so beautifully and brought joy to the entire family, had died. His tears only stopped when a wise lady reminded him that “There are other worlds to sing in.”I know that one day, in the world to come, I will see Mom again and hear her sweet voice sing once more. Until then I will do my best to sing my own song here in this world and do my best to share the love and music God gave me. May you do the same.Make your entire life a song of love, sweet to hear and joyful to sing.

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