I dig my hands in the black soil of my garden.It is still a garden of plans and dreams. It has not yet evolved intoThe green plant-filled oasis that it will soon become. It is a place forMe to watch summer arrive.I visit the garden early in the morning. Dewed spiderwebs dot theLawn. Light and shadows play through the woods. The haunting sounds ofCrickets and toads still pierce the morning air. I pull some small weedsAnd pull some solutions for the day’s problems right along with them. TheWeeds appear to spring from nowhere. I am in a hurry, but the weeds areNot. The weeds hang onto their place on earth with a determinedCussedness. People may run out of patience, but nature does not.Time slows down as I go about my work. Arrogant squirrels do theirTrapeze acts in the trees over my head. Nature finds us in our hidingPlaces. The birds sing their morning chorus to accompany my activities.I am convinced that we cannot live without birds and their songs. ItIs difficult for a person to take himself too seriously while the birdsSing. I listen to the vocalizations of the birds. Their songs lift mySpirit. There are times when I think that listening to birds is the onlyTime that I am sure that I know what I am doing. Birds change us. TheirVoices cause us to become more meditative. I feed the birds. I plantShrubs for them. I provide water for them. I plant blueberries. INever eat one of the berries. I might add that I love blueberries. INever eat any of the blueberries because the birds beat me to them.There are those who claim that we do not need birds. I do not agree.I will not argue with people who feel that way, but I will offer them someAdvice. Even those people who believe that birds are not needed should doSomething for our wild birds. Whenever our souls need tending to, weShould care for the unnecessary.We can make a difference here.– Al Batt

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