A Sense of Worth

It’s so easy to take those people who are closestTo us for granted. After all they know we love andRespect them don’t they? Yet we’ve all had theExperience of feeling unappreciated in our ownHomes. It’s not so much that we need to pleaseEveryone all the time, but we do need someAcknowledgment of what we do for others andSome recognition for what we accomplish.Following are a few of the things we can do toHelp make sure that everyone in our householdFeels valued.So much is going on in a house that it is easy toBe distracted. How often we listen to others withJust half an ear without even realizing it. Yet eachPerson needs to be heard and to feel theirOpinions are valued by others. Take a moment toVisualize your home. Does it have a quiet placeWhere people can converse with full attention onEach other? Are their places where each personCan really feel listened to? If your TV room is alsoYour living room are there times when the TV isTurned off so people can talk together? Even inThe kitchen is there a place you sit down andReally listen when needed? At bedtime do yourChildren have a chance to talk with you? ABedtime story can help open up conversation.Look for ways you can foster communication inYour home. When we are truly listened to we feelRecognized.Birthdays and holidays are special to mostFamilies. But there are many other occasionsWhen we can celebrate accomplishments orHallmarks in our home. How about the day yourBaby takes his first step or your daughter playsHer first soccer game? Are the adults included?It can mean a lot to mom if the family does aSomething to honor her first published poem orA finished painting. Recognition of little eventsCan mean even more than big events as theyAren’t just expected. Making a joyous occasionOf occasions like this helps each person knowThat their dreams and efforts are worthwhile.Celebration doesn’t have to cost much money.When we make a special meal or create aHandmade gift for someone we are giving fromThe warmth of our heart. Sometimes just aComputer made banner or a vase of flowersFrom the garden is all that is needed to make aHousehold member feel special. DisplayingCreative work or awards in a prominent placeShows we value ourselves and each other.Often in our busy-ness and discomfiture withCompliments we miss letting in the appreciationThat others do express. By the free giving ofSincere compliments and by showing ourGratitude when others do something to honor usWe gradually learn to be more comfortableReceiving the gift of recognition. To feelRecognized and worthy is far different than falsePride which actually comes from a place ofFeeling unworthy. When we are quietly confidantThat our accomplishments are recognized weFeel a sense of fullness and are able to easilyGive of ourselves to others.~~Anne Johnson~~

A Man Named Caesar

Unselfish and noble actions are the most radiant pages in the biography of souls.~David Thomas“

“Excuse me. Could you help me please?” I looked over and saw an older, gray-haired man waiting on the steps. He was near the sidewalk in front of my apartment complex.I had never seen anyone stand there before, so it took me by surprise. I usually parked in the back lot, but that day there were no spaces available so I had parked out front.My neighbors were walking right by him as if he didn’t exist. “What’s wrong?” I asked.The man had a timid stance, with his shoulders hunched over and his hands shaking. He hesitated, then walked toward me. I couldn’t help but notice his disheveled appearance. His clothes hung from his thin frame and his hair stuck out in all directions.“My name is Caesar. I’ve been here for a while asking for help. People walk by, yet no one sees or hears me.”I was already running late and still needed to pack my car so I could get to my parents’ on time. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to call to say I’d be late again.I looked into his eyes and knew that being there with him then was more important than being on time.My neighborhood wasn’t always the safest. I’d been afraid there before, which affected how I lived my life. I made sure I got home before dark. I installed alarms on the doors and windows, and I always checked the locks twice before going to bed. Still, I worried.Oddly, here was a total stranger, yet instead of fear I felt only peace. In fact, the closer he came, the stronger the feeling became.“What can I do to help?” I asked.“I’m lost, and I don’t have any money for the bus. I haven’t eaten anything today, and I’m so hungry.”He looked so sad that he had to ask for help. I could feel how afraid he was. I wanted to take care of him and help any way I could.I was lost in a different way, so I knew how hard it was to ask. I was a single mom who could no longer meet the rigors of a physically demanding and stressful job. I had ongoing health issues. I had a little savings but no income. I had my family’s support, and I was grateful for that, but it left me feeling guilty and ashamed. How could I repay the kindness I’d been shown? I couldn’t begin to imagine.I gave Caesar exact change for the bus and money for food.“Thank you,” he said with tears in his eyes. “Can I give you a hug?”I immediately said “Yes,” surprising myself. Hugging was not something I often did. I usually kept to myself, especially that year when my disability and aimlessness had made me feel so bad about myself.We reached out for each other at the same time. While we were hugging, he kept thanking me.“Thank you. Thank you. I will go home and pray for you.” He had the sweetest energy around him. As the tears streamed down his face and onto my jacket, he looked up and showed his radiant smile. Then he hugged me again.Euphoria spread throughout my being. I was in the clouds during the whole exchange, and I found later that I was able to revisit that state whenever I thought of him. I was so down, and it was so life-changing for me to be able to help someone else for once.Caesar kept thanking me and then he hugged me one last time.I ran inside to get something for him to eat until he could buy food.When I came back out, he was nowhere in sight. There wasn’t a soul around. I didn’t hear cars or the bus as I normally would have. I was gone less than a minute.I went down to the sidewalk and looked up and down the block but he wasn’t anywhere.Wherever you are, Caesar, I thank you for changing my life that day. I pray that you are safe, and someone is taking care of you. I think of you and know that you are wishing the same for me.I’m glad that back parking lot was full.~

Andrea Engel

Hot milk cake(It’s really good)

4 Eggs                                  

2  Sticks Butter

2 Cups Sugar                       

1 Cup Hot Milk

2 Cups Flour, Sifted           

 2 Tsp. Baking Powder

1  Tsp. Vanilla                       


Beat eggs sugar & flour until smooth.  Melt butter with the milk.  Add to mixture-then add Baking Powder and Vanilla.  Use an electric mixer for a few minutes.  Grease & flour a bundt pan or tube pan. 

Bake @ 350 degrees for approx. 55-60 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean.  Cool in pan for EXACTLY 20 minutes ***… invert onto a serving plate to finish cooling.

Can substitute juice for milk.

***If you remove cake before 20 minutes is up or after 20 minutes, the dang thing will stick to the sides! If you set a timer and flip it out after exactly 20 minutes, it will come out clean!