Our Feathered Messenger

Remember that although bodies may pass away, the energy that connects you to a loved one is everlasting and can always be felt when you’re open to receiving it.

~Doreen Virtue, Signs from Above

I was never much of a believer in messages from beyond — not until the summer of 1986. A few years earlier, my husband and I had visited my father-in-law in England. His wife had recently passed away, and he seemed anxious to talk about his own mortality. As we gazed at the flowers in the garden, he explained, “You know when I pass, within a couple of days after my death or sooner, you will be visited by a little bird. He will come into your home, and you will wonder how it could possibly happen.”

My husband and I looked at each other, not saying a word and not wanting to discredit my father-in-law. “I know you both think that I am daft, but this visit will come to pass. Until it happened to my good friend, I did not believe it either. I told him that he was crazy. I thought that he had had one too many at the pub. But I swear it is true that it really happened!”

We continued visiting with Dad, and he brought up the subject periodically. Each time, he delivered his message with the same amount of urgency. Even as we were leaving to go home, his parting words were, “Don’t forget the wee bird. It is a sign, and it will happen to you.” We returned home and forgot about his words for the time being.

One morning a few years later, my husband was greeted by the chirping of a tiny bird in our kitchen. “Gail, come quickly. You aren’t going to believe what I have just found!” Strutting around the floor was this little creature. It seemed somewhat bewildered as to where it was, but it did not appear scared. “Could this be the bird your dad spoke about? Was this the sign he predicted would happen?”

We had no idea how this small bird had managed to enter our home. This little fellow should have been very intimidated coming into our house as we lived with four cats. It was extremely fortunate for our visitor that none of the cats appeared. “How did it ever manage to get inside?” I marveled. All the windows and doors were closed. Yet there it was!

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My husband and I spent the next several minutes trying to coax our feathered friend to come closer. It was small, brown and looked like a finch or a sparrow. For some time, it continued to chirp and strut back and forth on the kitchen floor.

I watched as my husband Tony gently spoke to it. “It’s alright, little guy. I will help you get outside.” Eventually, my husband was able to pick it up and cradle it in his open hands. Tony continued to gently stroke the bird while I unlatched the doors leading outside to our garden.

Carefully, my husband raised his hands, allowing our visitor to fly to its freedom. We were in awe at the experience that had just unfolded before us. I could not help thinking that what we had witnessed was indeed the sign that Dad prophesied.

The shrill ringing of the telephone jolted us back to reality. It was my husband’s sister from England. “I have bad news: Dad died early this morning. I found him when I went to take him his tea.” We were in shock. He had not been ill.

From that moment on, I became convinced that Dad had visited us on that warm summer day. He was letting us know that he was okay and we were loved. I will always be grateful for our feathered messenger and the wonderful lesson he taught me.

— Gail Sellers —

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