The Whistling Pete~

~The American Flag, fireworks, friends, picnics, chicken, Hot dogs, baked beans parades, and celebrations are all Part of the Fourth of July. A happy day…. At least for Most of us. “Hi,” was the greeting one mid afternoon as a customer Approached the fireworks booth. “Need anything Particular?” I asked. “Yes,” came the reply of a fortyish year old man. “I need A firecracker.” he solemnly said.”Would you like to see one of our package displays?” IAsked.”No, just one,” he replied.”Well, lets see we have fountains, poppers, smoke balls and Whistlers.””I need just one firecracker, ” he again asked.”How old is the child?” I asked although he had not told Me it was for a child.”Doesn’t matter,” he said as he became resolved to find just The right one.It was clear that the child must be special and the 4th of July. But I somehow found it hard to believe that just one Firecracker could remedy whatever it was that was going On between this father and child.”How about a party popper. This makes a pop and sprinkles Confetti.””No, that won’t do. It can’t make a mess.””A fountain perhaps?” I was trying to help him find what He was looking for with the little information that he Allowed me. Suddenly, the man reached up and running his hand up The side of his face, flushed with frustration and across His eyes he finally said; “I ….I want this for my sons grave And I don’t want to make a mess in the mausoleum.”If one heart could touch another, this gentle man had Truly touched mine. He was right, the age didn’t matter, Parades, fireworks, hot-dogs or celebrations. None of it Mattered at this moment for him and his son. All that Mattered was this man’s overwhelming need to share a Special occasion with one he held dear, deep within his Heart. “This may be what your looking for,” I said as I held up A Whistling Pete. It makes an extremely loud whistle for Quite awhile and no mess at all.” Suddenly I had a feeling That this was what he was searching for.”Thanks,” said the man as he continued to struggle with His entire being to maintain his bearing. Its exactly what I want.”A bit overwhelmed myself by what he had shared; I was About to offer it to him free of charge but caught a glimpse Of the pain in his watering eyes. This was to be a gift from Him to his son. “That will be fifty cents, sir.” I said in the most business Like voice that I could muster. Quietly he placed two Quarters into my hand and thanked me for my help. With All the dignity he could muster although the tears had Begun to flow freely down his face he turned and walked Back to his car, clutching tightly in his hand the gift for His son. If God was anywhere on this fourth of July….he Surely was standing with his hand on the shoulder of This devoted father as he knelt at the crypt of his son. With one shrill sound being heard above all the others During the laughter and bursts of fireworks at other Celebrations … A sound just loud enough to drown out The uncontrollable sobs of a loving father; a sound I Have no doubt was being heard in heaven.Whistling Pete ~Author Unknown

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