BUTTERFLY DUST by James “PoppyK” Kisner

Remembering when I was young so many years ago,About the things that kids will try because they want to know.Someone had told me way back then of something I should try,Then I could flap my arms and fly just like a butterfly.I didn’t know if it was true or if he fibbed to me,But I had to try because of curiosity.He told me if you caught a dozen butterflies or so,And gently rubbed them on your arms and legs and let them go.The dust that was upon their wings would start to make you light,And if you caught enough of them the dust would give you flight.So all day long out in a field I did what I was told,And thought of being Peter Pan when I was 5 years old.I caught the little butterflies and rubbed them on my skin,My arms and legs and everywhere, I even rubbed my chin.He had said a dozen but I strived for even more,I wanted more than I would need so I could really soar.Late that afternoon I felt that it was time to try,I now had all the powder of a giant butterfly.Excitement overwhelmed me as I climbed upon a fence,In my mind it had to work, it had made so much sense.So standing on the fence post with my arms outstretched and tight,Planning all my destinations on my maiden flight.Should I go see Mikey and land in his yard some place?Or should I just fly by my mom so I can watch her face?Maybe I should just take off and plan it in the air,Once I get the hang of it, I can go anywhere.Now the moment has arrived; I leap and look around,But suddenly I find myself just sitting on the ground.I must have done it wrong, I should have flapped my arms I know,Even butterflies must flap their wings to make them go.So on the fence post I would go and find the secret power,Trying everything I knew which took almost an hour.Finally sitting on the ground after my last try,I faced the grim reality that it was just a lie.Dusting myself off and sadly going on my way,I realized at that young age to watch what people say.Thinking back over the years the lessons I have learned,Thinking of that first time when my trusting heart was spurned.Realizing now as then some people can be cruel,Getting much enjoyment out of making you the fool.But such is life and as we age we learn from our mistakes,Sometimes trusting brings you joy but other times heartaches.But trust we do and trust we must to live in harmony,Realizing in this life that what will be will be.Life is never what we want or goes how we have planned,Sometimes life will throw you curves that we don’t understand.Sometimes in our happiness our life comes crashing down,And in our pain we feel as if we’re sprawled upon the groundOne day we feel as if we soar like eagles in their flight,When everything that life can bring seems beautiful and right.But in a moment life can change; the pendulum will swing,And painful heartache mixed with tears is what the day will bring.As life goes on you realize that everyday is new,And what you thought was in the future now comes into view.Life has a way of fleeing by before our very eyes,And suddenly we realize it caught us by surprise.So as you plan the future and whatever comes your way,Don’t forget to take the time to just enjoy today.Tomorrow is not promised it is just a future plan,Today the sun is shining so enjoy it while you can.Then as you do remember life will sometimes bring you pain,But always brings experience and wisdom we can gain.So as we travel through this life we live and love and trust,And smile and know that sometimes life can be like butterfly dust.

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