Our Turtle…

It is amazing to me how a simple summer afternoon, beautiful blue Skies, and no rain for once can turn into an even more magical Experience simply by someone ringing our doorbell.My son and I had just settled down to our Sunday night dinner Last night and our doorbell rang. Little did I know a two-hour Grand adventure was about to start for me It was our neighbor advising me that I should shut my garage door Because a twenty-five pound snapping turtle was resting on my Driveway. My son and I stared out in amazement. There she was, A glorious ancient reptile resting on her journey. Her journey so far had taken her from a pond to the north of our Home, up a huge hill, and to everyone’s amazement across a busy Trafficked road. And she had crossed another street to arrive in My driveway. Everyone realized she was heading to another pond That was at the end of our subdivision. However, she had heard The water in my front yard from my mini pond and was Investigating it in a brief stay. We all stared in amazement as this creature brought herself up From her resting position and proudly walked forward … Her Steps were steady and determination was shown in each step as she Marched across my garden. She rested again in my garden, in the Cool shade of the tall grasses. My small garden pond was not the Destination, so once again she pushed herself up and started the March eastward toward the larger pond.She changed direction after she left my garden and headed down to The sidewalk. By now, more and more people were coming out to Watch her progress. Slow and steady, with incredible strength And determination, she walked forward, never veering from her Path. As she made her way, more and more children came out to see “The Turtle.” I ran back home to check and see if this migration was Normal at this time of year for snapping turtles. I discovered While searching the Web that we were seeing a rare occurrence in August. The turtle knew by instinct where her goal was, the Other pond. And on trust and instinct, she followed her path. She knew where she had to go and her route.So for the next two hours, I became a turtle wrangler with my Front porch broom, keeping kids at a safe distance, asking one of The children to run a get a water can of water to keep her moist As this journey was drying her out and that was not good for her. And above all else, keeping everyone out of her path, as that Made her nervous and she would retreat inside her shell.Our goal became her goal, to help her along the sidewalk. The Kids learned that snapping turtles hiss when provoked, and yes She will open her mouth and lunge her head forward and snap. Her Long claws, about two inches long, made a louder noise on the Sidewalk than a dog’s nails on a sidewalk. They were amazed and In awe of this wondrous creature. All the children were so Respectful of the turtle, as were the adults and some of the Older teens. Pictures were being taken by cell phone cameras. As The procession slowly followed The Turtle, more and more children Came out.Then suddenly after one of her rests, she changed direction. She Turned off the sidewalk and she went down a path between the Houses into a backyard. We quickly asked permission of the Owners to follow her there. The owner of the home was enthralled At her visitor. Then the turtle was headed into the tall Grasses, behind the houses. We knew she had to keep wet and we Could not keep track of her in the tall grasses. So it was Decided that we would try to get her into a box so we could carry Her the last 2000 yards to the pond.She did not like the box. She hissed at the box on the ground and Snapped at the side of it (that is how the kids got to see the Actual shape and powerful bite of a snapping turtle). A newfound Respect came over the kids.I kept guiding her from the tall grasses with the broom, and then Suddenly she lunged forward, snapped at my broom, and went into The box.It took four kids to carry and run with the box to the pond. Kids Were running after the box, parents were keeping up – all in one Mission to help our Turtle to her destination, the pond. The Turtle knew when were getting close to the pond; she was clawing Her way up the side of the box. Parents were praying the box Would hold the turtle’s weight. They could see the bottom of the Box giving way as we approached the pond. Then suddenly we were at the pond, the kids gently tipped the box on its side. and magic happened! The Turtle, after her laborious two-and-a-half-hour walk on land, glided effortlessly into the pond, submerged, and was home. The pond that was Turtle’s destination flows into the huge marsh at the south end of Lake Scugog, which is part of the Trent-Severn water system.Once the turtle was released, the kids shouted and whooped and cheered, their mission to help our Turtle complete. As our group of newly appointed turtle wranglers walked, some skipped back to the subdivision. They all chattered about how wonderful this adventure had been, how they wanted to name their turtle, how in just a short two-and-a-half hours this wonderful ancient creature captured their hearts. A lovely way to end their summer vacations and then go back to school to tell of their summer adventure with our Turtle.As for me? I saw it s the journey we take in this lifetime. We Move forward, not resisting change, knowing our path in our Hearts and following it by instinct, trusting and believing we Will arrive at our destination no matter what is put in our way. And once we arrive, we are given the gift of freedom, of what we Love to do, to be who we can be … and simply glide through the Rest of our journey, with help from special guidance that is Always there for us, if we just accept that we are not alone and Always guided.Great way to go through life.

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